Engineering Biology

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EBRC recommends the following citation when referencing the Roadmap:
Engineering Biology Research Consortium (2019). Engineering Biology: A Research Roadmap for the Next-Generation Bioeconomy. Retrieved from DOI: 10.25498/E4159B.

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Introductory Material | A Primer on DBTL

Technical Themes Application & Impact Sectors
Engineering DNA Industrial Biotechnology
Biomolecular Engineering Health & Medicine
Host Engineering Food & Agriculture
Data Science Environmental Biotechnology

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Engineering DNA
Biomolecular Engineering
Host Engineering
Data Science
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Rhiju Das

Peng Yin

Emma Frow

James Chappell

Julius Lucks

Alexander Green

Engineering Biology
Energy Challenge:

Produce affordable and clean energy.

Enable production of energy-dense and carbon-neutral transportation fuels from lignocellulosic feedstocks, oil crops, and agriculture and municipal wastes.

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Engineering Biology
Health & Medicine Challenge:

Promote equitable access to healthcare, patient representation in research, democratization of medicine, and the development of personalized medicines.

Develop patient-specific testbeds for drug treatments to support patient representation and personalized medicine.

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