Microbiome Engineering

Microbiome Engineering

The EBRC roadmap Microbiome Engineering: A Research Roadmap for the Next-Generation Bioeconomy is a critical assessment of the current state of microbiome engineering and areas of anticipated research and development in the next twenty years. It also details how those scientific advancements can be applied across different industry sectors. This roadmap aims to serve as a “go-to” resource for scientists working to engineer microbiomes, as well as policymakers interested in advancing microbiome engineering. Microbiome Engineering examines technical progress needed to advance microbiome engineering (Technical Themes) and details how these advances can be used to develop engineered microbiomes for specific applications (Application Sectors).

More about Microbiome Engineering

Read our ACS Synthetic Biology Viewpoint on the opportunities presented in this roadmap: Engineering Microbiomes — Looking Ahead (published December 18, 2020).

Technical Themes

The technical themes of the roadmap focus on four key areas of engineering biology research and development. Each technical theme has a series of transformative tools and technologies and aspirational goals that drive the progression of research and development. The roadmap consists of overarching breakthrough capabilities that convey significant advancements in the field and 2-, 5-, 10-, and 20-year milestones.

Applications & Impact Sectors

The roadmap illustrates many potential applications of microbiome engineering, and demonstrates the possible use and impact of these tools and technologies to address and overcome societal challenges. We frame these possibilities through a focus on five sectors, by identifying science and engineering aims and objectives for microbiome engineering that may be necessary or instrumental to overcoming the challenge, and potential discrete technical achievements towards the objectives.

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  • Adam Arkin
    University of California, Berkeley
  • Emily R. Aurand
  • Ania-Ariadna Baetica
    University of California, San Francisco
  • Jeffery Barrick
    Jeffrey Barrick
    University of Texas at Austin
  • Chase Beisel
    Chase Beisel
    Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research
  • Matthew Bennett
    Rice University
  • Jenny Bratburd
    University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Shane Canon
    Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • Patrick Chain
    Los Alamos National Lab
  • Matthew Wook Chang
    National University of Singapore
  • Carrie Cizauskas
  • Lydia Contreras
    University of Texas at Austin
  • Jason Delborne
    North Carolina State University
  • James Diggans
    Twist Bioscience Corporation
  • John Dueber
    University of California, Berkeley
  • Chris Dupont
    J. Craig Venter Institute
  • Robert Egbert
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Emiley Eloe-Fadrosh
    Joint Genome Institute, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • Jason Fontana
    University of Washington
  • Douglas Friedman
  • Ute Galm
    Curie Co.
  • Lauren Gambill
    Rice University
  • Jeffrey Gralnick
    University of Minnesota
  • Adam Guss
    Oak Ridge National Lab
  • Ethan Hillman
    Purdue University
  • Suzie (Szu-Yi) Hsu
    University of Minnesota
  • Amanda Hurley
    University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Alex Juminaga
  • Jay Keasling
    University of California, Berkeley
  • Richard Kitney
    Imperial College London
  • Michael Köpke
    Michael Köpke
  • Britt Koskella
    University of California, Berkeley
  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee
  • Stephen Lindemann
    Purdue University
  • Bridget Luckie
    University of California, Berkeley
  • Rebecca Mackelprang
  • Christopher Mancuso
    Boston University
  • Richard Murray
    California Institute of Technology
  • Rebecca Nugent
    Rebecca L. Nugent
    Twist Bioscience
  • David Riglar
    Imperial College London
  • Tuesday Simmons
    University of California, Berkeley
  • Michael Smanski
    University of Minnesota
  • Kevin Solomon
    Kevin Solomon
    Purdue University; current affiliation University of Delaware
  • Liz Specht
    The Good Food Institute
  • Ginni Ursin
    Ginni Ursin
  • Ophelia Venturelli
    Ophelia S. Venturelli
    University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Harris Wang
    Columbia University
  • Lingchong You
    Duke University
  • Jesse Zalatan
    University of Washington