Engineering Biology & Materials Science

Application Sectors

Application Sectors of Engineering Biology & Materials Science

The roadmap consists of five application sectors to illustrate the potential applications at the intersection of materials and engineering biology; these application sectors and the associated societal challenges are captured from Engineering Biology and represent a broad consideration of significant economic and social roadblocks towards advancing the way we live and thrive. Within each application sector we highlight a number of exemplar applications of materials from engineering biology that will help us overcome these pervasive societal challenges, such as enabling and establishing a cleaner environment, supporting the health and well-being of growing populations, and accelerating innovation and economic viability of industry. We further identify potential discrete technical achievements necessary to obtain those exemplar applications. These exemplar applications and technical achievements reflect and tie together the advancements envisioned in the roadmap’s technical themes.

  • Industrial Biotechnology

    Industrial Biotechnology focuses on the intersection of materials and engineered biology for robust, sustainable, and efficient manufacturing and production.

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  • Health & Medicine

    Health & Medicine focuses on exemplar applications of materials relevant to the well-being of humans, non-human animals, and populations.

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  • Food & Agriculture

    Innovative materials have the potential to impact the way we grow, harvest, and distribute food and agriculture and further revolutionize biology-based materials that are themselves food.

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  • Environmental Biotechnology

    Environmental Biotechnology focuses on materials to monitor and mitigate the effects of climate change and build and interact more efficiently and sustainably with our surroundings.

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  • Energy

    Energy focuses on materials that can help to achieve reliable, affordable, clean energy and to help reduce the consumption of energy worldwide.

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