Engineering Biology
Environmental Biotechnology Challenge:

Expand tool sets for bioremediation and resource recycling.

Enable more efficient and advanced resource recovery.

Engineering Biology Objectives & Technical Achievements

Enable biorecovery of rare earth metals.

Engineering DNA Biomolecular Engineering Host Engineering Data Science

Knockout and gain-of-function systems to validate pathways/components and operation of sequestration involved in metal solubilization.

Detailed kinetics and stoichiometry of sequestration mechanisms, including interactions with relevant metals and competing ions.

Engineer orthogonal versions of critical enzymes that require xenobiotic molecules to function.

Demonstration of solubilization and sequestration in relevant mesocosm studies.

Complete modeling on most effective ecosystem for deployment of the organism, such as in an open-release scenario or in a contained-use scenario which might be local (such as localized bioreactors at the point of recycling).

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