Engineering Biology
Environmental Biotechnology Challenge:

Controlled deployment of engineered organisms to improve ecosystem biodiversity, robustness, and the well-being of inhabitants.

Develop high-resolution biosensors for environmental monitoring and detection.

Engineering Biology Objectives & Technical Achievements

Develop better environmental biosensors for the detection of chemicals, radiation, temperature, pH, and water quality.

Engineering DNA Biomolecular Engineering Host Engineering Data Science

Large scale synthesis of biosensor variants, across kingdoms (from bacteria/archaea to plants).

Improved biosensor/genetic circuit designs for a multitude of sensor inputs.

Develop RNA or protein-based biosensors to detect and measure metabolites of interest.

Create organisms that can act as multiplexing sensors capable of analyzing multiple environmental cues and providing measurable responses or combination of responses that may be deconvoluted to determine stimuli.

Build more extensive and fully-sequenced metagenomics databases/libraries to enable searches for diverse functionalities across multiple gene clusters.

Better enable real-time data feeds.

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