Engineering Biology & Materials Science
Health & Medicine Challenge:

Address environmental threats to health, including toxins, pollution, accidents, radiation, exposure, and injury.

Eye and skin protection materials.

  • Technical Achievement: Engineer self-renewing, ultra-thin materials resistant to UV, such as via incorporating or secreting biocomponents (e.g., melanin).

Bandages that incorporate proteins or cells for accelerated/advanced wound healing.

  • Technical Achievement: Engineering passive biological approaches to integrate stimuli in materials to enhance wound healing.
  • Technical Achievement: Engineer materials that incorporate persistent clotting factors to promote coagulation.
  • Technical Achievement: Engineer extracellular matrix proteins that exhibit bioactivity and adhesion for wound healing and surgical applications.

Deployable sensors (including enzymes, cells, and nanoparticles) to detect and report biomarkers.

  • Technical Achievement: Engineer (bio)sensors that utilize the flow within the fluid medium as an energy source to transmit information and location.
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