Engineering Biology
Health & Medicine Challenge:

Promote equitable access to healthcare, patient representation in research, democratization of medicine, and the development of personalized medicines.

Make cutting-edge therapy more available and affordable.

Engineering Biology Objectives & Technical Achievements

Scale-up hard-to-produce therapeutic molecules, proteins, and cell therapies.

Engineering DNA Biomolecular Engineering Host Engineering Data Science

Parallel, scalable, and cost-effective genome engineering to enable the use of allogeneic cell sources, as opposed to patient-specific sources.

Engineer temperature-stable, active macromolecule- and cell-based therapies.

Design molecular features to support inexpensive, robust purification and processing of therapeutics.

Develop circuits that behave robustly across different growth media.

Develop and characterize select microbes for advanced-therapeutics production in stationary phase.

Create publicly-accessible and encrypted databases of health-related data.

Identify critical metabolic/molecular bottlenecks and work-arounds for hard-to-produce therapeutics.

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